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On Friday, for the first time, California released the demographic data it has been collecting about who is receiving COVID-19 vaccines. 

The majority of the doses administered in the state, so far, have gone to people over the age of 65, those who identify as female, and white people. 

“Initially, vaccination was limited to health care workers and long-term care residents,”  the California State Government's COVID-19 dashboard states. “Hence the data reflects those populations more than other California residents.”

Demographic information is voluntary and, according to the data, some who've received shots have chosen not to disclose it. 

Here is the breakdown of vaccine recipients by race and ethnicity:

  • 32.6% white
  • 15.8% Latino
  • 13.9% multi-race
  • 13.1% Asian American
  • 2.8% Black
  • .4% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • .3% American Indian or Alaska Native 

Here’s the latest race and ethnicity data from every state and territory that reports it.

California COVID-19 Vaccine Board via @joinlcac
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Daniel TL


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