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If you are interested in supporting LCAC19 as an individual, one great way to help out is by becoming a speaker.

As a speaker, you receive the opportunity to…

  • improve your public speaking skills with practice in front of large audiences (we typically get around ~250 people at our larger events)
  • make new connections by letting the audience ask you questions after the talk
  • expand the reach of your content by sharing your knowledge with the largest community of Latinx professionals dedicated to building health equity in Latinx communities.

We can also provide our speakers an honararium or swag for certain events. Please ask the event lead for confirmation.

As a speaker you commit to…

  • joining the appropriate event channel on LCAC19’s Basecamp and responding when needed
  • preparing in advance
  • syncing with the event coordinators before your talk
  • arriving at the event on time

Interested in being a speaker?

If we have a need for speakers and you seem like a good fit for the event discussion, we’ll reach out and send you more details!

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